Is Hypez a fraud? Find Out in Our Review

Make sure you read our in-depth review of Hypez before you decide to give their service a try!

Hypez is a company that sells Instagram likes and Instagram followers. Their website is almost identical to INS-GROWTH and SNS-GROWTH which makes us doubt whether they are genuine or not. In our opinion, they most likely aren’t genuine.

The review that we conducted uses a very strict procedure, and it follows an equally strict protocol too. The procedure covers the customer reviews, site security, contact information, visible pricing information, and validity of the service.

We also use a scale point system that ranges from 1 to 10 when conducting our reviews.

Hypez’s Service

We conducted our own review and we wanted to provide an honest opinion on Hypez’s service. But, at the same time, we also looked at the other online reviews about Hypez’s service. However, we couldn’t find any other reviews which means that they are a new company. Equally, it could also mean that they are not very popular. In general, you should avoid any service if it doesn’t have a backing testimonial.

Our review covered seven different areas and here’s what our conclusions are:

Hypez Homepage

Hypez is able to provide an HTTPS secure site.

The prices are visible.

The payment gateways are verified.

They don’t provide FAQ nor is there a Help page either.

They don’t have active customer support nor do they have active account managers.

Form fill, phone, and e-mail are not visible on the website.

There are no other online reviews about Hypez’s service.

The Overview

In the end, we give Hypez a 3/10 rating. The website is very ambitious, and they claim to be a marketing service that is similar to other similar services like SNS-GROWTH and INS-GROWTH. That’s far from reality and, in our opinion, you should avoid Hypez like a plague.

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Why should I buy Instagram followers?

In today’s day and age, more than 90 million users. are active on Instagram every month. Whether you are an artist, small business, or DJ, buying Instagram followers is the fast way to get the spotlight you deserve. Real followers are more likely to follow a profile who has more profiles due to the bandwagon effect, so buying followers is a gift that keeps on giving.

Trusted by thousands of people.

Three years ago I was in a band, and in an attempt to get more gigs, I bought Instagram followers. Or so I thought. After handing over $200 to an underground shady provider, my Instagram account was quickly flooded with tens of thousands of fake followers, ruining our social presence and brand.

After that day, I made it my mission to ensure that Instagram follower, like, and automation services are audited and reviewed. I wanted to make sure that nobody else had to go through what I did and put their social profile at risk. If my $10 spent on a service can help hundreds avoid a potential scam website, I’ve done my job. We have plenty of five star providers that we and thousands of others recommend, as well as one star providers that are known to be shady and not deliver what was promised.

Mike Kurth

Founder, CRO (Chief Review Officer)

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