Is Tailwindapp a Fraud? Find Out in Our Review of Tailwindapp

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Tailwindapp is a marketing service aimed towards Pinterest and Instagram users. However, we did not have the best experience with them. When we started testing them, we were asked for Instagram account details straight away. As a result, that made us suspect this service from the very beginning.

All our reviews adhere to a strict system that covers website security, visible pricing information, the validity of the service, as well as contact information.

This review of Tailwindapp will utilize a scale of values ranging from 1, as the lowest, to 10, as the highest value. Other than that, no coupon discounts or codes of any kind are on offer at Tailwindapp.

Tailwindapp’s Service

We completed our own thorough review of Tailwindapp’s service. On top of that, we also took other reviews of Tailwindapp into consideration. As a result, we discovered that they are mainly a content managing and scheduling service.

With that in mind, we assessed this website according to seven criteria, and here are our results:

Tailwindapp Homepage

The site is https secure

The site has Verified Payment Gateways

The prices were not visibly displayed on the site

The site doesn’t have an FAQ or a Help page

There is no 24/7 customer support or a team of active account managers on standby

No contact information was present (email, phone number, and form fill)

The site doesn’t have any real on-site reviews


All things considered, we believe it is only reasonable to rate Tailwindapp with a 3/10. Although they advertise as an Instagram growth service, it appears that that’s not what they do at all. Therefore, we took this misleading information into consideration for our final rating.

Customer Reviews:

Emanuel, USA. |

I had a great time using their scheduler service.

Posted 2 years ago

Clare, USA. |

Although the scheduler works, their customer support staff is awful.

Posted 2 years ago

Jan, NOR. |

I couldn’t get the scheduler to work, and I’m honestly not sure if they’re a fraud.

Posted 2 years ago

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