Imagine coming across two cat videos on social media, one next to the other. Since you love cat videos you’re ready to click and enjoy – but which one do you choose?

Let’s add one more important fact: the counter on the first video shows 154,693 views, but the second video has just 154 views. Now, which one do you click?

Naturally, you’ll watch the video that everyone else has been watching – it’s got to be better, right?

We’ve just described the primary reason why people buy Instagram views.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Views

For a long time, the only metrics that Instagram showed publicly were followers and likes. In 2016 the platform began displaying video views, which (for the reason we’ve just talked about) changed the game for people trying to make their videos go viral.

Here’s what the change means. Videos posted by accounts with lots of followers will get lots of initial views and the higher the counter goes, the more likely people will be to “join the crowd” and click. For celebrities (and “Internet celebrities”), large companies and social media influencers with thousands or millions of followers, it’s easier than ever to create videos that become instant sensations.

But what about that poor guy or girl whose cat video only has 154 views? They’re in worse shape than ever, and have just two realistic choices:

  1. They can spend months and months gradually building up the number of followers they have, so more people will see their posts. Eventually, they may be able to rack up a decent number of video views. Will that be enough to actually make one of their videos go viral? It’s unlikely, but it’s possible.
  2. They can take the smart short cut to popularity, and buy Instagram views, likes, and followers.

Once you purchase Instagram views, your “organic” view count will start to increase rapidly since everyone will want to see why so many people have watched your video. That’s how buzz is created and how videos go viral.

There’s one more benefit to consider. Many of those who watch and like your video will want to see more of your posts – so they’ll end up following you, too. As your Instagram account’s popularity grows, the more visibility your posts will be given on the platform and the more exposure your photos and videos will receive. That’s how social influencers are born.

And it all starts when you buy Instagram views.

Buying Instagram Views From Flagr

A quick search for companies that provide Instagram views will turn up hundreds of companies who want your business.

None can match Flagr.

  • We’re experienced and reliable. We’ve been delivering high-quality Instagram views ever since the platform started displaying view counters.
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  • We deliver your views immediately. That’s crucial – since the right time to boost your view count is when your video is brand-new. By the time many services deliver your views, it’s way too late.
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You need immediate delivery of high-quality, real and inexpensive views to make the most of your Instagram videos. That’s exactly what you get when you buy Instagram views from Flagr.